Inherited experience and technology to evolve

The mind as which we think of manufacturing importantly. The thought that is inherited from generation to generation. Reliable technology that has been highly polished in the era of flow. Many years of experience and high manufacturing technology has been mobilized in each one of our products. Production of the majority is the single item processing, and we are keeping higher flexibility for the order of many kinds. Our performance of quality conformance and delivery schedule compliance is highly valued by customers.


It is power of the person to enable manufacturing corresponding to the needs of the times. Even while pursuing a state-of-the-art technology, the Company's policy to value the potential of human beings has penetrated into each and every employee.


To respond to the customer's various needs accurately, we are constantly improving the skills to achieve the delivery of high-quality products. Our skilled workforce includes (1) superior grade certified technician, (4) first grade certified technicians, and (9) second grade certified technicians as of 2016. Also it aims further acquisition of advanced skills.